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May 8, 2018

For over 10 years, I have owned a fashion company that has had its ups and downs. It has molded me and changed me and I have likewise molded and changed it. We have gone through so much together! To think that my company is separate from me would be completely ignorant – this is a truth that I didn’t completely expect or understand when I became a business owner so many years ago.

My journey has been one that I would have never expected and one that I am truly, deeply, grateful for. In 2007, I bought this company that had been in business for just over a year but was struggling and needed more. Costco, Nordstrom’s, Wal-Mart, Amazon, wholesale accounts and our e-commerce business were what drove my business for years. I went from 55 employees, to 15, to 2 employees, to 18… we have been through a lot together. In all the years that I have owned this company, however, this is the first time that this company is completely my creation – my ideas, my passion – and that excites me more than I can express.

You see, while most people are driven mainly by making money, I am driven by passion for making an impact and for doing good in this world. For years, I felt like a paradox with my business; I knew we needed to make money and that should be our focus, but felt deep down that I wanted my business to be more and do more.

As I have broken through my own barriers, healed old wounds, gone through personal struggles and failures, it has allowed me to really clarify what I feel is my purpose here on this earth. That purpose is to empower women to be their best selves; to know their worth, know their beauty and to remember who they really are. The vehicle in how I get to accomplish this is through clothing – how beautiful is that?


About two years ago, my team and I decided to embark on a new business model that facilitates my passion to empower women. This new business model is a direct sales, party plan model. This model has gotten a lot of bad press in the market because there can be a lot of greed in this industry – and a lot of ego. What I feel that people fail to see, or have forgotten, is how powerful this model is for those who truly have a positive approach to it and when it’s done with integrity. This is how we are doing it, and we are empowering women to have their own business with minimal overhead, and the ability to be at home and still make money.

I recently made a big decision, and one that most business owners never do; I changed my company name from modbod to Amanda Joy & Co. This was a change that I knew in my gut was for the best and highest good for my company and all involved. It was one that I couldn’t ignore and I have learned deeply to trust in that and to take leaps of faith. I have never been let down when I trusted my gut.


Last month we started our Spark Tour, which is part of our re-branding initiative, along with our #selflovemovement. This was our true test to see first-hand if what we have created is received and if it works. This was a big deal and one I was anxious to experience. The result? Women are loving the feel of our clothing. They feel drawn to our branding, they identify with the meaning behind everything and the affirmations inside each piece, and are truly moved by our #selflovemovement. Seeing this over and over, connecting with women and seeing them connect deeply with what I (and my team) have created is beyond words. Even now as I type this I can’t begin to explain the depths of emotions that flood me.

Every day I get to wake up to a life of my own creation: with a man I deeply love and who is my co-creative partner; to children with whom I have a deep bond and friendship; to my employees that I feel honored to have along with me on this journey to create my company; to my stylists that are growing, learning and spreading love in their own ways; to my customers who feel the difference we are making and feel empowered by what we have created. To say I am honored, grateful and humbled would be an understatement.

Be empowered to live a life of your creation – know you are not limited but are limitless and you are supported on your journey!

With Love,















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